Many thousands of people around the world bet on sports every day. Most importantly, they get a sense of excitement and pleasure from this process. Several bookmakers provide this service, but onewin stands out among the others due to high odds, wide line and fast payouts. This bookmaker has been on the market since 2016, when it was called Fist bet, but in 2018 it went through a rebranding and began to gain popularity. It offers 20 sports to bet on, as well as an impressive selection of cyber sports with more than 100 championships. In addition, 1win facilitates convenient betting with downloadable apps for android and ios devices so users can bet wherever they have internet access.

Bets on more than 20 different sports are available from 1win. Soccer and hockey have the widest range of bets such as outcomes, handicaps, totals and bets on stats, combined or individual player scores. You can even make additional bets. As for basketball and tennis, they offer a standard selection of betting options: match results, totals and handicaps. Fans of cybersports can enjoy a quality and varied spread on games such as:
- Dota 2,
- Starcraft,
- CS:GO.
In addition, there are plenty of chances to bet on all major sports, including boxing and cultural/political events. 

How to bet. 

To bet on one win, you must:
1. Register on the operator's website;
2. Transfer money;
3. Choose a game, competition or event for betting;
Determine whether it will be a bet before the match or in real time;
5. Select the market and odds;
6. Press the selected quote, which will then appear in your coupon;
7. Enter the amount in the special field and place your bet.

To make sure your bets will have a chance of winning, there are certain steps and techniques to follow. Basic tips include:
- Determine your budget and never risk more than 5-10% of it on a single event;
- Only bet on sports, tournaments or events in which you have the knowledge and experience to use strategies to succeed.

By following these simple rules, even a beginner can benefit from sports betting and have fun at the same time. 

Different lines and betting options 

Bookmaker's office 1win bet offers a variety of bets on sports, which are very attractive to new customers due to their wide range and good spread:
- The most basic type is "regular bets," which involve betting on only one event. This form of gambling is enjoyed not only by newcomers but also by experienced players because it is relatively easy to calculate winnings by multiplying the bet by the odds.
- A double chance gives players a choice of two of the three possible outcomes of a match - for example, team 1 wins or draws, or team 2 wins or draws - thus doubling their chances of success.
- Express bets involve combining more than 10 events that all occur around the same time, while "systems" are considered to be the most complicated type of express bet.
- Finally, there are "extra" bets that can be placed on specific events, such as who will score first in the game, who will get the yellow/red cards, etc., offering players many options when it comes to betting on sports. 

The odds at bookmaker 1win bet. 

The odds offered by 1win bet are not much different from the rest when it comes to their margins. In the main markets for popular events the margin is 3-5%, for other leagues and events the margin can range from 7% to 10%. Onewin offers attractive odds when betting on the top 5 European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) and European Cups with a difference of 2.5-4% on outcomes, 3-4% on totals and handicaps.
However, for other soccer leagues, the result as well as the overall margin remains at 7-8%. When betting on more soccer statistics such as corner kicks or yellow cards, you should expect margins of 7-8%.

As for results in the NHL and KHL, there is no single margin as it ranges from 4.5% to 7.5%, while other leagues have margins of 8-10%.
For NBA tournaments and Eurocup tournaments, the margin is 5-6%; however, less prestigious tournaments range from 7% to 10%. For atp/wta tournaments, most have a 6-7% margin on both outcomes and totals, including handicaps; while challenger and itf tournaments have a mark of 8-10%.