The Republic of Cyprus has granted onewin the right to operate legally in all countries. This allows to fulfill its obligations to customers. For users from those countries where access to legal online casino sites is blocked, mirrors 1win are available as an alternative. 

How does 1win mirror work? 

A bookmaker's mirror is an exact copy of its main site, but with a different domain. Mirrors are virtually indistinguishable from the main page in terms of interface, design and features. One official page may contain different mirrors to allow players to access any mirror at any time if the other mirror is blocked. Such blockages usually last for two weeks, after which new mirrors are created and made available online. A mirror allows you to enter a site alternative to the official one, which allows you to gamble legally without breaking any rules. 

Features of the site one win. 

1win bet casino mirror sites are identical to our main site. It has the same interface and features such as:
1. Account registration;
2. Deposit and withdraw money;
3. Participation in contests, draws and tournaments without registration;
4. Editing of personal information;
5. Login with standard credentials;
6. Verifying user credentials;
7. Ability to play with bonuses.

Both versions of the website - desktop and mobile - were created using the same design template for your convenience.
How to find the current 1 win bet mirror.

In order to make sure that you get access to the correct mirror, you should contact the bookmaker's support team. They will provide you with the actual working link. To do this, you can use chat, phone line or email.

In addition, the site onewin has a special section dedicated to bypassing blocking, it is located at the bottom of the home page. As for mobile devices, there is an adaptive site, but no app yet.

The Telegram channel provides links to working copies in every post; so, click on "actual mirror," and if it works, then you've found what you were looking for. On the other hand, if it doesn't work - it means the invitation link has expired and you should contact 1win support again for an updated link. 

Is it safe to use 1 win mirrors? 

Bookmaker's office guarantees the confidentiality of game details (bets, financial transactions) and the state of players' game balance when using the main mirror provided by them. Using a copy of the website is safe for both accounts and players. Every day, millions of users use one win mirrors, as it is the most common way to bypass blocking. In addition to using an alternative site, customers of this international betting company can also use third-party applications or web browser extensions that hide the user's position and provide access to the main resource of this betting company.
Such software may include:
- Free vpn services (cyberghost, thunder vpn, zenmate, etc.),
- Proxy servers,
- Browser for anonymous surfing in the tor network,
- Opera browser with a built-in vpn option,
- Browser extensions and anonymizers (cmeleo and ssh).

However, using third-party programs can negatively affect the speed of connection to their service, as well as increase response time.